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OFSTED is our regulating body and as such inspects our provision regularly. Unlike some other childcare providers and schools we have no notice of the inspector's arrival, so what they see on the day they inspect us is a true reflection of how we operate.

All four of our nurseries received a 'good' rating at their most recent inspections and the full report is available from OFSTEDā€™s website or from your nursery manager.

Below we have collated some of the very positive comments relating to our provision which OFSTED published after their last round of inspections:

Happy Jays provides a welcoming inclusive environment where children are very motivated and well cared for.
There is good, clear information for parents in written and verbal form
Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the nursery and often recommend the service to others.
Staff demonstrate commitment and success in helping children maximise their learning potential
Children are safe and secure at all times and enjoy learning about their local community and wider world. Partnerships with parents and others are in place to further support children through effective information sharing systems. Regular self-evaluation by the manager and staff ensures that any priorities for further development are promptly identified and acted on to improve the outcomes for children.
Training needs are identified and provided for resulting in a team committed to professional development.
Children are happy and settled and participate eagerly and with enjoyment in a safe and stimulating environment. They are well behaved, developing good manners and are learning how to share and take turns
A good balance of adult-led and child-initiated play and learning opportunities are provided and staff interact well with children, getting involved in their play and learning and challenging their thinking through discussion and questioning.
Staff work very well with parents, carers and other agencies to make sure that the individual needs of all children are fully promoted.
Safeguarding procedures and security systems are understood and followed vigilantly by all staff. Similarly, rigorous vetting procedures for staff and volunteers promote a high level of safety for children. Staff are dedicated and highly motivated in relation to their own professional development; this is supported very effectively by the provider
Children develop very happy and effective three way relationships with their parents and their familiar nursery staff; they snuggle happily with either, as the adults discuss their daily care and events at home and in nursery.
The staff are extremely proactive in seeking children's and parent's views through regular discussions, newsletters, open evenings and questionnaires
Key staff support children with English as an additional language and those with disabilities.