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This professional code for all employees of Happy Jays provides advice for all staff in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Its main purpose is to offer guidance and it will be updated from time to time as and when necessary.


The Child

  1. Value and respect each child as an individual.
  2. Be aware of and safeguard the rights of ALL children.
  3. Facilitate and promote growth and development of the whole child.
  4. Be aware and endeavour to meet the needs of each child for whom staff are professionally responsible.
  5. Children's behaviour will be monitored and managed positively with good communication links to parents. No physical chastisement will be tolerated by any staff. No child will be humiliated, embarrassed or frightened. Bullying from other children will not be allowed.
  6. Children will be assessed individually and their personal needs catered for.

The Child within the Family

  1. See the child in the context of their family situation and be aware of differences in family structures in our society.
  2. Be aware that the care of the child is a shared responsibility and must take account of the customs, values and beliefs of the family or carers.
  3. Work in a co-operative and collaborative manner with the family to promote and safeguard the wellbeing of the child.

Professional Practice

  1. Ensure that no action is taken or omission made which is detrimental to the welfare and safety or that hinders the development of the child, e.g. strike action, idle gossip or the use of mobile phones during working hours.
  2. Maintain the highest possible standards of performance and aim to improve your knowledge, skills and competences by taking advantage of inservice and other training.
  3. Constantly evaluate and re-appraise the methods, policies and practices of Happy Jays and keep up to date with current practice in the light of changing needs and circumstances.
  4. Be aware of the need for confidentiality in professional practice. Confidential information received should not be disclosed unless required by law or to protect the interest or welfare of the child.
  5. All staff should ensure a warm, caring and secure relationship is built with the children under their care.
  6. Staff and child ratios will be monitored to ensure safety of children at all times.
  7. Standards of hygiene will always be maintained at the highest levels.
  8. All accidents will be reported, logged and the parents informed.

Working with others

  1. All staff shall work in a co-operative manner with each other in the care and education of the children attending Happy Jays.
  2. All staff will acknowledge and respect the contribution of other colleagues at the Centre.
  3. All staff shall share their knowledge and demonstrate their skills with other colleagues to develop and promote good practice whilst offering guidance and support as appropriate.
  4. Be prepared to give and receive from colleagues support and supervision for the personal and professional development of all staff.
  5. Parents are entitled to all information about the activities and care received by their child. Time for discussion with parents will always be made available by all staff.
  6. Staff will not discriminate against any child or parent on the grounds of race, culture, religion, gender, disability, lifestyle or sexuality.