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Dear Andrea,
I cannot believe where the time has gone but Harvey will be leaving at the end ...

Our staff hold various qualifications ranging from degree to Level 2 in all aspects of childcare management. In addition, all staff pursue an ongoing training programme covering areas such as Child Safeguarding, Learning through Play, Pediatric First Aid and Health and Safety. All our staff follow the Happy Jays Code of Practice which governs the way we operate.

We are all friendly, caring and are only too happy to help both parents and children. We work with the children to develop their creativity, imagination and language skills in a meaningful way. This is achieved through a wide range of structured activities in accordance with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and with our own standards of good childcare practice.

Our staff to children ratios are governed by these principles. We believe in having a high ratio of staff to children as follows:

Babies & toddlers: (0- 2 years): 1 staff to 3 children
Tweenies: (2-3 years): 1 staff to 4 children
Pre-schoolers: (3-5 years): 1 staff to 8 children

We use a system of assigning staff to be the key-person with children so that their individual care and development can be maintained. We also use a daily book for each child to record their activities which are then discussed with their parents at the end of each session. In this way parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress with us and we encourage an ongoing dialogue between staff and all parents.

We also produce a regular newsletter with information and ideas to try at home and we hold a parents evening twice a year so that you can have an opportunity to meet other parents as well as discussing any aspects with us in a relaxed setting.